PRANA: Your life force

Posted on May 25 2017



noun: prank 1. breath, considered as a life-giving force.


Our breath is the expression of prana…life force.

As Dr. Deepak Chopra so eloquently said”…you aren’t breathing…you are being breathed”.

Our breath IS life!
It is the only autonomic system that we have control over.

Have you ever paused to ask yourself why? Why do we have control over our breath?
As humans, we take our breath for granted. We don’t even notice our breath let alone
have the awareness to consciously control it. We often breathe shallow, in our chest, or
even worse…we’ll hold it many times throughout the day without even realizing it.
Why can we control our breath? Besides holding our breath in order not to
drown…what’s the purpose of being able to manipulate our breath?
As I move through my soul journey, this is what I’ve come to so far.
Our breath not only keeps us alive but it REMINDS us that WE ARE ALIVE!

It is an expression of our spirit.

It is a tool to be used for healing.

We can detoxify the body by using our breath.

We can manipulate our cardiovascular system by using our breath.

We bring the central nervous system into balance and peace by using our breath.

And our breath centers us…grounds us in a place of knowing.

It reminds us…that we are not our bodies but that we are divine spirits having a human


Our breath connects us to all that is and all there ever will be.

Our breath connects us to our SOUL.

So, how will you use your sacred breath today?


In Love & Gratitude,



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