Posted on May 25 2017

Leave Karma Alone…It’s Stress That’s A Bitch!

By now we all feel pretty well versed on how stress is a killer and a systemic ager yet we don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

It’s almost like we don’t believe it.

The average human has 50+ stress responses per day! And that number more than doubles in those that struggle with anxiety or depression! And, unlike in the cave man days, a stress-response is no longer when you’re running for your life because a tiger is chasing you.


Now our stress-responses are for things like…waiting at a red light too long, running late for work, losing your phone for 30 seconds, out of your favorite dark chocolate. Wait…that last one might just be a me thing. But you get the point. We allow ourselves to feel stress for so many things now. I could bore you with a scientific lecture on how stress shortens our telomeres and bathes our cells in these stressor hormones every single time we feel stressed…but I won’t. Just trust me (and the scientists) that a chronic state of stress wreaks havoc on our body, mind, and spirit!

 I don’t know about you, but the fact alone that stress is proven to cause crepey skin and crow’s feet is enough for me to want to find a mountain top somewhere and live like a monk. I’m into solving problems not just talking about them so let’s talk about how we can reduce our stress and stave off a few wrinkles (and of course be healthier).

Stress-reducing techniques are limitless and what works for one may not work for another. But…I am big on using mantras and affirmations. Mantras and affirmations have changed my life on more than one occasion. They immediately allow you to connect to your soul and tap into the Universal energy. Incredibly powerful! Here’s the mantra I use in the heat of a stressful situation;

Om Shanti Hum

Om is the sacred sound of the Universe…BOOM immediate grounding and connection

Shanti is the sound for peace

Hum is confirmation that this is your true self


I chant this several times until I feel a vibrational shift. It’s a beautiful thing!

Give it a try and tell me what you think! Did it help you? What techniques do you use to reduce stress in your life?

In Love and Gratitude,

Joy Arnod


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