What is "Earthing" and how can it benefit me?

Posted on May 10 2017

Grounding or Earthing

Joy Arnold sent us this really cool blog on Earthing / Grounding and why it's beneficial and necessary for us- especially those of us who live in cities. I know after a while of being surrounded by concrete and subjected to crazy free radicals and stress, nothing feels better than escaping to the country, ripping off my shoes and running through  or laying in the grass. Have you ever tried Earthing? What are your experiences with it? Share below!

xox, Karma Mob NYC


Grounding or earthing is the practice of coming in contact with the earth for the purpose balance.  It is vital for health and wellness (both mental and physical).  Our bodies are flooded with free radicals (positively charged ions).  In excess, this can be extremely acidic and inflammatory for our body leading to illness, anxiety, chronic pain, and dis-ease.  When we go outside, walk barefoot, garden, sit in the grass, etc., the negative ions in the earth act as a major antioxidant riding the body of excess free radicals creating balance.  Grounding has been shown to reduce systemic inflammation, reduce anxiety, reduce stress (by lowering cortisol levels), reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, increase energy, and even helps support the adrenal system (organs associated with anxiety).  The Universe has given us all the tools we need to support health and well-being.  It’s up to us to embrace them.

With Love & Gratitude,

Joy Arnold



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