"Expect Miracles" a journey to Wellness

Posted on September 07 2017

From 2002 to 2004 I was very ill and went un-diagnosed.
I was hospitalized over 17 times.
By the time I was diagnosed or 'labeled' as I call it now, I had already lost partial hearing from several infections, lost partial vision, became septic, my kidney was shutting down, I had an unexplained neuropathy, I was 20 pounds thinner, and I was in and out of a wheel chair. My label in 2004 was IgA deficiency, IgG- subclass 2 deficiency, CVID (common Variable Immune Deficiency), vitamin -D deficiency, vitamin -B 12 deficiency, mal-absorption, and complete antibody dysfunction. 


I started IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin.--( IVIG is used to treat various autoimmune, infectious, and idiopathic diseases) and had severe side effects, so they tried a lower dose, with hydration, steroids, etc. I started to have out of body experiences in which I saw many entities that surrounded me & spoke to me. I truly lived in the in-between.
When the pain was too much for me to handle I was pulled into the other realm.
I have always been a woman of faith but even I was not prepared for what was to come.
 I was given maybe 5 years to live because of how sick I was at the time of diagnosis but I refused to accept this. I was a single Mom to a little boy who needed me.
In 2012 I began a spiritual change. My dreams, my conscious state, and my intuition seemed to grow overnight. I was able to begin to open my mind to the possibility of a Miracle and surrendered to healing from the other side. All of the sudden, people started to come into my life & guided me to my healing. It was very strange. My logic mind was questioning my sanity.


 I agreed to go through with a healing with John of God. A surrogate would be in place of me in Brazil for the spiritual surgery.
I was sent passion flower herbs from Brazil to take 3 times a day for 58 days. 
abstained from spicy foods, alcohol, and pork.
My dreams became stronger and more vivid. During the scheduled procedure, I could psycically feel a group of individuals doing surgery on my body while I was asleep.
I understand that this sounds impossible and totally fricken' crazy! I have spent over 12 years working in western medicine in which made this all even more difficult to believe.  When I finally built up enough courage to tell my Immunologist what I was doing, he was skeptical. I just looked into his eyes and said “ Let me be your Miracle!” 
On March 15, 2013 my blood work all came back normal including a normal IGA.  There is no known occurrence of this. I am currently well, strong, and healthier than ever! I am only on 15 grams of IVIG every 4 weeks and will be off of it soon. This experience has taught me many things including that anything is possible in this world as long as YOU believe that it is!
Always be open and “Expect Miracles” because I AM one of them!


Guiding, Inspiring, and Healing one life a day, keeps my doctor away!!!!!


“Manifest greatness with pure intentions and the rewards will be priceless.” -NST


All my light and love, 


Natalie Sophia


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