Pain And Peace

Posted on September 07 2017

Pain and Peace

How do you get past pain? Hurt? Betrayal?
You don’t.
You sit with it.
You scream at it through tears.
You move through it.
You breathe into it.
You breathe through it.
And then…you have two choices. You either wear it like a badge allowing it to dim your light.
Or you surrender to it…using it as a catalyst for spiritual growth. 
Transforming your pain into miraculous growth. 
Surrender is easier said than done but I promise you…it is worth every molecule of energy.
Surrender doesn’t mean giving up or accepting defeat and pain.
Surrender means to stop fighting, to stop resisting what is.  To accept it.  And then, like an ingredient in a recipe, to use it in the divine expressive creation of your soul. 
Use your pain, your life experience…for miracles.  Transform it into peace, joy, and freedom.
You didn’t choose your painful experience…but you can choose what you do with it.
So what will you choose?
Will you create more pain?
Or will you create freedom, peace, and joy?

In Love & Gratitude,



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