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We love a good reuseable straw and this one is no exception.

All Black Everything



Product Details:

12 pieces black bent reusable silicone drinking straws. 6.7”length/outer diameter 0.27”/inner diameter 0.2”

4 pieces 6.8”length cleaning brushes.

If you have any problem with our product pls contact us by mail,we will handle it in 24 hours,explain the questions,send you a new one right away without any cost on your side or return money back.We do our best to let every customer happy and satisfied with our product and service.Order now, in VESKAOTY!



  • Set of 16 & High Quality - Pack of 12 Assorted black short regular silicone straws about 6.7 inch length / outer diameter 0.27 inch / inner diameter 0.2 inch,together with 4 brushes,durable quality for reusable using.Best value for money.
  • Eco-friendly Material - 100% reusable food-grade silicone material,BPA free,flexible,non-toxic,tasteless.It’s safe for little kids even babies chewing on and durable to tear,feel soft against the lips,keep liquid away from developing teeth,won't hurt teeth.
  • Perfect for Drinks - Could be used in many occasions, the size is suitable for many drinks,compatible with most 6oz-12oz tumblers and cups.
  • Easy Clean - Come with cleaning brushes,very convenient to use dish soap or plenty water to wash straws after drinking,also dishwasher is safe but not use in oven or microwave.May you will use straws separately to go picnic,go travel,go parties,even in the home,4 pieces of brushes could satisfy you for cleaning requirement.Just remember to wash them carefully before the first use.
  • Easy Carry - Silicone straws are soft or even can be folded,will fit your purse,bag,take it wherever you go.
  • Color: Black 12 Pcs
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