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•Are Arch Tags™ water-proof?
Arch Tags™ are water and UV resistant meaning that if you get them slightly wet the ink will not run. Arch Tags™ also will not curl up around the edges, tear, and if you keep the adhesive clean- can be used more than one time.
•Will Arch Tags™ ruin my shoes? How do I get them off?
No, Arch Tags will not ruin your shoes! We've even applied them to 'fancy, expensive shoes' and there is nothing to worry about. They stay put until you want them off.
However, please keep in mind that our Bling Tags have a stronger adhesive so any remaining residue can be removed with an adhesive remover.
•Are Arch Tags difficult to apply? I'm not an artist!
You definitely don't have to be super crafty to use Arch Tags, although the ability to cut a straight line helps! Apply the tags by smoothing them onto a clean shoe arch, press the tags down firmly to define the edges of your shoe sole. Using a sharp craft blade (we do not supply this but you can get them from your local Michael's or hardware shop for a couple bucks!) carefully trim the tag around the edges of your shoes.

•Do you sell Arch Tags wholesale to stores and online boutiques?Yes! Please e-mail us with your information to request a wholesale account. Once you are approved, you can replenish your orders directly from our website.

•How many designs are available?
We currently have over 50 different designs available. We add more all the time so check back frequently!
•Do you do custom Arch Tag designs?
Yes! We love creating special tags for your special occasions! Whether it's a wedding, birthday, you need a specific print or color, even adding your Business Logo to your soles- we can accommodate just about any request. Just shoot us an email.
•Where are your products manufactured?
Arch Tags are proudly made in the U.S.A.!
•What materials do you use for your Karma Mob Shirts?
We currently use shirts supplied by Alternative Apparel and other eco friendly manufacturers. All items are fair trade and most are eco friendly or organic. Products should be specified on the listings.
•Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We love sending our products to our family around the world! International shipping prices vary according to destination and product weight.
•Do you sell your clothing and accessories to retailers at wholesale cost?
Yes! We are currently expanding our line to include qualified retailers around the world! Want to carry our products in your boutique, yoga studio, or store? E-mail us with questions and we can help you begin.


•I heard screen printing is bad for the environment due to the chemicals used in the process- do you have negative impact on the environment?

We do our very best to limit negative personal and environmental impact. We use water based, eco friendly inks to print our shirts. We are mindful of packaging and use recycled or reusable/biodegradable packing materials. We encourage recycling! :)

•Can you make custom orders?

We can create a custom order for a single shirt at additional cost or for a bulk custom order. Please e-mail us with specifics and we will do our best to accommodate!



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